Facts instead of mere assumptions – with the toolbox estell we identify your business sustainability performance in an efficient and transparent manner

The future of successful business is to be found in the supply chain

Climate change, resource scarcity, human rights violations – in times of complex global value chains, the environmental and social hot spots will be found in the supply chain, often far away from corporate headquarters.

Awareness of resource risks as well as regulatory and reputational risks in the supply chain is of high relevance for corporate strategy. Due to insufficient information, however, companies are facing major challenges when trying to gain the necessary insights fast, efficiently and reliably.

Our company has several thousands of suppliers – without estell the analysis of environmental impacts in the supply chain would have been impossible. estell has helped us to get a good scoring in ratings.

Global Industrial Goods Manufacturer

estell allows getting robust insights into the supply chain beyond tier 1 at impressive efficiency.

Prof. Dr. Joerg S. Hofstetter

President, International Forum on Sustainable Value Chains (ISVC), Vice Director, Chair of Logistics Management, University of St. Gallen

estell – fields of application

Scope 3 reporting in the supply chain: estell helps your business achieving high scores in CDP scoring – without complex efforts and high internal costs. Learn more

Environmental Footprinting: With estell we measure the environmental impacts of your company throughout the entire value chain. We also identify solutions that allow you to avoid or reduce ecological impacts. Learn more

Social Footprinting: With estell we help you to understand where and how your company and its supply chain affect the lives of people and how to induce positive effects. Learn more